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Did you visit our booth at the Walworth County Fair? Lots of members, visitors, local pols stopped by and discussed everything from the Iran Nuclear Deal to the best food booth at the Fair. See you next year!


Our Straw Poll was a hit… surprising results to be discussed at our meeting on September 10. Come hear them!


Join us as we discuss what is happening in Wisconsin, how we can combat the war on workers that Scott Walker and the Republican Legislators are waging on the middle class, and how we can talk to our friends and neighbors to debunk the myths and lies being told by the conservatives.

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Is Scott Walker working for the state?

Here is an evaluation of the 2015-17 Budget changes.

Scott Walker got into office the first time with the promise of creating jobs. Not just a few, but 250,000. What happened?
From DailyKos:

Scott Walker and Chris Christie show off the GOP’s job-creation chops

How about being embarrassingly bad at job creation? That’s right. From January 2011 through January 2015, Louisiana under Jindal ranked 32nd in job creation with 5.4 percent growth over four years. Wisconsin under Walker ranked 35th, with 4.85 percent growth. New Jersey under Christie ranked 40th, with 4.15 percent growth. This compares with a national average of 8.21 percent.