Welcome to the new website for the Walworth County Dems.

Join us as we discuss what is happening in Wisconsin, how we can combat the war on workers that Scott Walker and the Republican Legislators are waging on the middle class, and how we can talk to our friends and neighbors to debunk the myths and lies being told by the conservatives.

Our next meeting is Thursday, March 12 at 7pm, at the Community Bank in Delavan, 826 E. Geneva Street (Hwy 50).


“Right to Work” may not mean what you think it does.

Please read and understand what is going on in the state this week. If you agree with us, that this should NOT be implemented in the state, please go here and sign this petition

Please contact your legislators in Madison:
Senator Steve Nass has this page up. Email him at Nass@legis.wisconsin.gov
Representative Tyler August has a webpage here. Email him at  August@legis.wisconsin.com

Thanks to Scot Ross, One WI Now, here are the facts about how Wisconsin will look if we enact their law:
* Wisconsin workers like you and I will make as much as $6,000 less a year on average;
* Wisconsin public school students will have $3,400 less per student for their education;
* Wisconsin will have more people in poverty and a higher infant mortality rate; and
* Wisconsin will have even higher unemployment.

Wisconsin can’t afford this attack on our families. We have to stand united against this. We will be working around the clock to fight back. We’re already digging in on additional research we will share with you and the media as soon as it’s completed.

Is Scott Walker working for the state?

Scott Walker has been out and about, making the case for “State” business. Here are a few links to some of the response to his recent trip to England.

Recap by Milwaukee/Wisconsin Journal Sentinel on Walker’s trip

The Huffington Post has a recap, along with a segment of the UK interview

Karl Rove on Walker’s response to evolution question