View from the Chair

February 2017  View from the Chair
Our mission is: To elect Democrats in Walworth County and beyond;
To educate our members and the public about legislation; To provide a platform for discussion and action supporting progressive issues.

Many of us are worried about the current administration’s undermining of our country’s Republic and the democratic process. We know our Republic cannot survive when the checks on power and the balance between branches of government are undermined. We cannot maintain a strong Republic when districts are gerrymandered; people fear to assemble; citizens are blocked from voting; and the biggest donors write the legislation, as well as select the legislators. We face a choice: do we continue the struggle or do we walk away? Our country’s values such as public education, equity, justice, and diversity are too important for us to give up. Stand in solidarity with us today by pledging to fight back against racism, sexism, xenophobia and hate. Stand with us and we will keep America great together.

We are keeping our office open as a venue for grassroots groups, as well as for our weekly education, social or outreach events such as letter writing, strategy sessions, documentaries and speakers on current issues. We plan to organize where there is no organization, and maintain our alliances with other groups that share common goals and concerns. We will continue supporting Democrat and progressive candidates for office, as well as legislation that helps all people while protecting our environment. Letters to the editor and press releases will set the tone for individual issues as they arise.

The Democratic Party of Walworth County has already co-sponsored a march and  rally with the Southern Wisconsin Grassroots Network on Thursday January 19. This event featured John Nichols from “The Nation” and Luz Sosa from Citizen Action. It was an “expression of community support on Inauguration Eve” that did not condone or condemn the president-elect, but focused on what citizens expect from their government. Participants brought signs about their most important issue such as Clean Water FOR ALL, Broadband Internet FOR ALL, Public Education FOR ALL, Voting Rights FOR ALL, Health Care FOR ALL. Many of you also traveled to D.C., Chicago or  Madison for the January 21st Women’s March. As Rep. Cory Mason recently said, “That’s what patriots do if you love the country. You engage and you resist and you do everything you can to protest and protect the things you care about and fight for the things you believe in. That’s a big part of what being an American is all about.”

In solidarity,
Colleen Robson